International digital consultant (NGO)

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with 90+ charities on over 100 different projects.

Here are the core services I deliver:

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the capability of an organisation to adapt to a connected audience. It’s not about tech. It’s about people, processes and behaviours. Over the years, I have supported dozens of organisations by assessing their level of engagement, their skills and ability to adapt. I have developed practical engagement strategies, realistic roadmaps and implemented successful products.


This is one of my main area of expertise, yet I rarely advise organisations to write a digital strategy. Instead, I worked closely across teams to ensure their departmental strategy (fundraising, communications, services, campaigning, internal comms etc.) and their overall organisation strategy include digital principles that can be translated into tangible products and measurable tactics.

Health check

90% of the projects I undertake start with a review key digital assets. This comprehensive audit looks at all key components of your digital landscape: website, social media channels, SEO performance, reading age, user journeys, donation forms… I interview key stakeholders to review processes, skills, objectives, and challenges. A detailed report helps you fix issues and plan improvements.

Online Fundraising

I wish I could help charities increase their online income. I have in many cases but there isn’t a magic formula. After assessing the performance of your fundraising activity, and testing your online fundraising tools (from a user point of view), I work with all the relevant teams to create engaging user journeys (nowadays often beginning on social media). Just as you would not send a direct mail with only a donation slip, I make sure you make the right ask(s) at the right time on the appropriate channel. This can be a long process of tracking, testing, amending, but I have successful stories to share with you.

Social Media Framework

I have worked with large charities to ensure social media is used efficiently. When all staff are using Twitter and Linkedin, it is essential to define objectives and measure return on investment (mostly engagement, rarely direct income). Streamlining your presence (i.e. getting rid of the accounts set up and not used), formalising a process, assessing skill gaps and training up staff, defining what channels to prioritise for which products or services, setting up practical and engaging reporting mechanics… Yes. Social Media is more than a tweet.

Workshop facilitation

I regularly speak at industry events (for many years I thought it was only because of my French accent). I have facilitated many workshops with boards of directors, all staff, small teams… I ensure these sessions are engaging, interactive (as in participative – I still like post-it notes® and white boards) and productive. I covered a range of topics from digital awareness to growth hacking. But often, I run sessions to help teams work together (i.e. Comms / Fundraising / IT). In short, being external, I can help solve with internal politics issues.


I help organisations with their new website. Choosing a CMS based on your needs and vision. I ensure key internal stakeholders are involved at the start of the project. I gather their views and objectives. After a couple of workshops, key audience groups are confirmed and functionalities are prioritised. I prepare a comprehensive brief with a budget recommendation. I feedback the proposals and prepare questions for the pitch. I am often involved at key milestones during the development process to ensure the initial vision is delivered and key functionalities are working.


I have developed several training sessions, after a health check or as part of a transformation programme. I work directly with the digital teams and often with HR to ensure digital skills are included in core staff competencies. I assess existing and required skills through interviews or online tests. I develop a bespoke framework adapted to each team. When required, I can deliver the training sessions myself. I have trained staff in Google Analytics, Google Grant/Adwords, Facebook advertising, Twitter, growth hacking, even photography

Other digital services

I have managed multi-channel acquisition campaigns. Developed simple user journeys and complex experience maps. Improved ranking in search engines. Coached (trained) CEOs. Wrote fun skills assessment quiz. Planed personalised journeys. Built pilot sites and collaborative blogs. Integrated CRM and CMS with partner agencies…


I am based in Windsor and regularly work with organizations outside the UK (sometimes via Skype). I have worked with NGOs based in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Nepal, USA, India, Chile, Italy, China, France, Germany, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Mexico, Ireland, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Belgium, and Coventry.